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Young Cap

Comox, BC

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Hip Hop, Rap

young capBorn on the west coast of Canada, Young Cap aka Corey Ackland St-Pierre (Young for music captures eternal youth, keepin' us Young, and Cap for the zodiac symbol of Capricorn) entered the music scene actually releasing music for the first time to the world in 2011, dropping conscious hip-hop in the hopes to inspire minds across the globe.

Continuing to pursue music while overcoming many of life's hardships, he pushed his message non-stop to the ears of many. Young Cap is well known for his positive hip-hop and his ability to write many of songs while consistently delivering a powerful performance with high energy and incredible lyrics combined with over beats produced by some of the best producers across the globe. Young Cap brings originality back into the music with a twist of new school mixed with the heart of old school.

From a small town artist to expanding his thoughts globally, Young Cap has managed to get his name out there in the world. He boasts a rising fan base stretching from the west coast of Canada, to the east coast, into America, and throughout Europe. Much is to come from this young Artist. This Artist has toured, been featured on big name mixtapes, on the Goat 98.9 FM for interviews, and has been on CBC RADIO Feat. Song, has released 2 original albums Dawn of a New Soldier and now #ProofOfChange. Also this artist has been interviewed on many online radio stations, is working with many sponsors such as SA TrackWorks, BrandMax, SierraSil + many more. On you can check them out. Now doing his own Graphic Design, Mixing, Song Writing, Mix Tape Hosting, Show Hosting, and Touring, this young artist is constantly growing in the industry.

On top of the music, Young Cap has collaborated with a group from Florida, 4MK (For Man Kind) on a positive movement promoting love, kindness, and peace to the hearts of many. Music is something that can heal the heart, soul and mind. It's more than the music, it's the feeling of doing right in life. Spreading love like we were born to do; may it be through words or actions. Young Cap's music is thought provoking, deep, conscious, uplifting/motivational and emotional. Is now currently working to bring awareness and charity to Y.A.N.A - You Are not Alone, based in Courtenay B.C.

Now in hopes to further expand his horizons and push his music on a more interactive approach, he has taken it to the next level. Just freshly back from the #RiseUp Tour he is ready to keep the positive vibes flowing, reaching out to many areas with his music, promoting album sales, acquiring even more sponsors, pushing merchandise, and most importantly, spreading love and kindness through music to humanity. He is looking forward to interacting with his fans more and finding redemption through creativity. Stay tuned and keep watch for what this talented Artist has to offer to the world.


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